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Preparation Begins with
Childbirth Classes

At The Women’s Village of Mobile, we offer childbirth classes to help new mothers prepare for this new chapter in their life. Childbirth classes have a multitude of benefits as they provide information, teach comfort techniques, bring partners closer, and allow for hands-on practice with breathing techniques and position changes. These classes have become essential for first-time parents as they teach what the internet and books cannot. Our obstetricians and gynecologists highly recommend these classes due to their content that prepares new parents for what to expect and do when labor begins.

What to expect in your class?

Childbirth classes are wonderful opportunities to gather information on labor and the postpartum period, while also lessening the anxiety of soon-to-be parents. For many women, childbirth classes build confidence in their ability to give birth. During the class, you have the opportunity to discuss your fears about labor and birth with the instructor and other couples. Childbirth classes teach partners how to support their loved one during this important time, and many couples find that these classes build a greater bond between them. The instructor will teach pain relief techniques to use when labor begins, including massages, breathing techniques, and medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to child birthing classes, we understand there are a lot of questions. At the Women’s Village of Mobile, we are happy to answer all of your questions as it is our job to serve you and to ensure you receive the best healthcare available.

In-person classes are offered once a month and are free of charge. Reservations are required.  Meets in the Gerald L. Wallace conference center, Building 2, 4th Floor. Call 251-340-7769 to get a detailed schedule and reserve your spot.

Yes, your support person is encouraged to join you.

Currently, all classes are onsite with future plans for virtual classes.

Yes, Springhill Medical Center offers childbirth classes, newborn and infant CPR, the baby “Prep Parade”, and a “Tour for Siblings”. Call 251-340-7769 for information.

Our Village is Your Village

The Women’s Village of Mobile is located in building two at SpringHill Medical Center, located on Dauphin Street and right off of I-65. This location allows patients easy access to our services as it is a central location in Mobile, Alabama. 

At the Women’s Village of Mobile, Our goal is to revolutionize your medical care experience for all women. We are continuously furthering our education and are available right here at SpringHill Medical Center!